What is Rhythm Time Walsall?
18th August 2011
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Music is fundamental to every baby's development. It stimulates both sides of the brain. Even the youngest babies will listen and learn. Singing helps language development. Babies will sing before they learn to talk. For toddlers, unaccompanied singing encourages children to have confidence and helps them sing in tune. Listening aids concentration. Percussion playing explores different timbre, helps coordination and develops a sense of pulse.

Rhythm Time classes are much more than just a sing-song. They are carefully written, structured sessions. They aid your childs early development and may help them to go on to learn a musical instrument later on. Rhythm Time is also a great social activity for both parents and children. It is a valuable time to share and bond with your child.

So is music beneficial for babies? At Rhythm time we certainly think so, and we have seen the evidence in our classes.

If you have a baby or toddler, or you know someone that would be interested, why not contact me on 0121 370 4748 to find out about classes available in the Walsall area.

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Catherine B

Member since: 12th October 2011

Music has always been a part of my life since a very young age. I still play the violin and piano. I am proud to be able to bring Rhythm Time classes to the Walsall area.

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