What is hypnotherapy and how can it help the good folks of Walsall?
10th December 2011
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By Andrea Bradley of Walsall Mind&Body Centre at Fulbrook on the Broadway.

Many people will have seen Hypnotists on the telly and may have a view of hypnotherapy based on this, others may just not know at all, and in fact not knowing is better! the clue is in the word hypnoTHERAPY.
Hypnosis is the act of hypnotising somebody and because stage hypnotists tend to want compliance they do two things a therapist wouldn't do:

  1. Select people whose personality and physiology mean they will react to a suggestion and can be induced to forget the suggestion once implanted. But please be aware no one can be made to do something outside their nature by the way, the hypnotist isn't controlling them, only encouraging them
  2. Select people who are able with ease to be induce into a deep sleep type of trance.
A therapist doesn't select their clients, they work with the client and whatever the client brings. Also we dont usually work in or try to achieve a deep sleep state, if that's what the client needs, there unconscious will take them there. Most clients remain alert and awake and can move around or speak if they choose, I just ask that they relax and enjoy the me time a session with me offers. I hope that's cleared a few things up. For more info watch a clip by Click here
Hypnotherapy is the use of a naturally occurring state of relaxation and focus to assist the client in bringing about changes in their thoughts feelings or behaviours by working with their unconscious minds to find new solutions to old problem patterns. It relaxing, enjoyable and empowering.
To help myth bust I am happy to give a free consultation to help see if hypnotherapy is the treatment for you, or if you prefer give me a ring to arrange a taster session on a Saturday, 30 minutes for £15 just so you know what's involved. Give me a call on 01922 649142 or email me andrea.bradley@walsallmindandbody.co.uk or message me through my facebook page click here


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