What is a Forensic Accountant?
11th June 2014
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Forensic Accountants are the detectives of the accountancy world. They investigate.

Forensic means suitable for use in a court of law.

Of course a Forensic Accountant may well undertake work not needed to go to offices of law.

Work can fall in a number of categories- to name but a few.

-Partnership disputes. Financial examination of business records and reporting.

-Suspected fraud situations. Where a party is suspected of falsifying books and receiving monies under false pretences.

-Divorce financial statements. Financial and wealth statements for divorcees.

-Post acquisition disputes. When someone purchases or takes over a business and business not acquired as agreed.

-Insolvency/bankruptcy. Reasons for insolvency arising!

-Business valuations. Usually required by a prospective purchaser.

-Company in house claims. Disputes by owners or owners and employees.

-Claims where accident financial losses occur. Report on financial losses etc.

-Director or employee charged with fraud and causing financial and economic problems.

-Loss of income due to being a victim of a criminal attack.

Wherever financial or economic problems arise a report can be obtained. Of course in cases of opposing parties, then both sides may engage such services as available from a Forensic Accountant.

I myself have dealt with cases where business partners have fell out due to suspected cheating.


Remember if in financial or economic situations causing financial loss- seek advice.


                          Brian Foster - Forensic Accountant

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