What can I recycle this Christmas?
17th December 2020
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Take a look at which of your Christmas decorations you can recycle this Christmas...

Christmas Trees

You can recycle real Christmas trees as these can be turned into chippings for local parks. Many local authorities have organised collections or drop off points for your real Christmas trees. Find out if your local authority has arranged collections or drop offs by clicking here.

Christmas Cards

Most cards are paper based, meaning these can be recycled with their envelopes. This can be done either in your home recycling collection or at your local recycling points.

Christmas Decorations


Glass baubles are non-recyclable, if they are broken they will need to be disposed of safely in your general waste. Plastic baubles are commonly made from types of plastic that is not yet collected and tend to be covered in glitter therefore should also be disposed of in general waste or re-used if possible.


Tinsel is something that cannot be recycled, it will need to be re-used or disposed of in your rubbish bin.


If you have a real wreath with natural materials including ivy, mistletoe, holly, fir cones, these can be composted as long as they are not covered with excessive glitter. It's important to remove the greenery from the base and add to your garden/green waste collection or drop at your local household waste recycling centre. Artificial decorations such as ribbons etc cannot be recycled.

Christmas Tree Lights

Fairy lights can be recycled at household waste recycling centres, however, some local authorities also collect small electricals as part of their recycling collections. Find out more about this here.

Wrapping Paper

Do the scrunch test to find out if your wrapping paper can be recycled. If the paper remains scrunched up it can be recycled. If the paper springs back it cannot be recycled. Paper which is foiled, metallic or very glittery will need to go in your grey rubbish bin.

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Find out more about what you can and cannot recycle this Christmas by clicking here.

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