West Midlands Obesity is the Highest in Europe
15th December 2010
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Hey it's Paul here with an important message...

You may have heard yesterdays report that revealed to the Nation that the West Midlands has the highest obesity rate in Europe at a staggering 29% of Brits who are Obese are living in the West Midlands. Not Cool!

Not cool when there are people like Ash and Stella (two of my awesome clients) who are doing something about it.

Yesterday I got them an interview with the Daily Mail - go out and buy today's 14/12/10 issue and go ahead to page 22-23 - where my two inspirational boot campers told the nation how they are being the change that we want to see here in the West Midlands.

I don't know about you but i'd much prefer some other county - may be a French one - to have the title of the "Fattest County in Europe"

I got to admit it's pretty awesome to get a call from a national newspaper in the morning asking for your help, and of course I am more than happy the help those that need it so I put forward two of my inspirational clients, Stella and Ash who, at one moment were at work getting on with their day and then next that had the press around them taking photos and interviewing them like rockstars! Hahaaha they are to me and you can see a video blog post with them both later this week at www.trainwithwilson.com

Anyways... without further  ado, head on over to my blog here and see how you can make West Midlands one of the fittest places in Europe. http://trainwithwilson.com/index.php/2010/12/help-tackle-west-midlands-obesity-the-highest-in-europe/

Always committed to your fitness success,

Paul Wilson

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