West Midlands Fire Service would like to wish you a Safe and Happy Christmas
1st December 2011
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West Midlands Fire Service would like to wish you a Safe and Happy Christmas


It’s a time of year where everyone is busy rushing around shopping and preparing for family gatherings, this sometimes leads to safety being overlooked. Here are a few tips to help keep you and your family safe whilst you enjoy the festivities.



  • Test your smoke alarm, if you don’t have one ring our Contact Centre FREE on 0800 389 5525 to arrange a FREE Home Safety Check
  • Make sure you follow the manufacturers instructions when using Christmas tree lights
  • Check for any damage and replace any bulbs that don’t work – don’t have cables trailing and inspect them before use
  • Don’t let children play with Christmas lights as they get hot and unplug the lights when not in use
  • Don’t overload sockets
  • Try not to use extension leads or plug adaptors
  • Keep candles away from things that can catch fire i.e. Christmas trees, greetings cards, curtains and decorations.
  • Make sure you put candles out when you leave the room especially at night time, don’t leave them un-supervised
  • Whilst cooking, keep items that can catch fire easily away from the cooker e.g. tea towels
  • Don’t leave cooking unattended for any reason
  • Keep electrical leads and appliances away from water
  • If a pan catches fire, turn off the heat if  it’s safe to do so, don’t move the pan
  • Never throw water over the pan
  • The risk of fire is far greater if you smoke when you have been drinking – put it out, right out!
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