Walsall’s Top Fat Loss Expert Paul Wilson on Weekends
23rd August 2010
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So you’ve had one stressful week. You’ve pushed and hauled through the intensity brought on from endless jobs upon jobs that need to be done, but add very little to your satisfaction. You have been rushed off your feet and haven’t had a moment to prepare one healthy and decent square meal…

Rub for Luck

Rub for Luck

So you’ve reached for the confectionary grab-it eat-it foods to give you that quick fix. And you’ve had cup after cup of coffee… Was the three sugars or four?…

Then you come home on the evening and you just crash out on the sofa… Tea on the coach tonight? Whats it gunna be… Probably another quick fix put-fat-on-me-ass meal followed by 3-4 hours watching mindless tele only to discover who has been kicked outa the big brother house!

But there is always one thing that you hold on to that will always keep you going…


workout hard uphill

workout hard uphill

So why are you going to make your weekends stressful?

After the week you’ve had you deserve some put your feet up downtime to prepare yourself for the week ahead. But like everyone else you decide to go out and get wasted!

Honestly! No wonder you hate Monday’s! When you’ve topped a stressful week of with a weekend of booze and junk food I would too.

You are responsible for any extra weight you’re carrying on those hips and thighs and here is how shaping up your weekend will dramatically tone up your fat loss success… Read on.

Now we all fall off the band wagon at times but unfortunately most never jump on it. In fact most of you reading this today are probably not attending my Fat Burner Bootcamp but with that said, after a night of booze and awful dancing, comes the hangover…  And if you are anything like me you are going to reach for the sugary, confectionary comforting foods. So thats more fat on your ass right there.

Anyway lets go deeper. I think you should now that just one vodka with diet coke (watch this video about diet drinks) is going to decrease your bodies ability to break down fat by 78%. And you didn’t stop at just one last night did you?

On top of this, for the next 3 days you body won’t be able to break down fat!


The Mystery of Express & Star?

Alcohol is toxic! Toxin inside the body must be engulfed in fat to protect your insides from damage. Hence, remove the toxins, remove the belly.

You know the booze is a diuretic right? it simply WILL dehydrate and if you are even slightly dehydrated your body will not be able to burn fat. This is why all my fat burners consumer 3-4 litres of water per day (the health benefits for doing make  it a MUST DO)

I can go on about all the health benefits that go with enjoying a stressless, alcohol-fast-food free weekend with some well deserved R&R. But you’re probably most concerned with the vanity benefits right?

  • You’re gonna ditch the FAT
  • You’re will clear your SKIN
  • You will shine confidence in your ENERGY
  • You are going to look freaking fantastic in front of your friends who are going to want to know your secret to health, youth and wealth.

The more we think about it, the more it makes sense. You’ve only got one life so live a little more with health and you will be energised to live more.

Heres what you are going to do… Over the next 4 weeks your are going to do some thing different.

“If you always do what you’ve always done you will always get what you’ve always got”

Make you weekends different by avoiding the heavy nights out on the booze and plan an evening out to the cinema, for a meal, find and visit long lost relatives, take a trip to the seaside. I want you to really have a think on this one and when you do you will be so motivated to make it happen which will give you something to really look forward to the next time you are bending over backwards at work. BUT your plan must exclude any alcohol period. We’re doing something different and we are serious about seeing some awesome results.

Those of you who are smashing results left right and centre and my fitness bootcamp can expect to see a drop in clothes size and be up to a stone lighter in the next four weeks following this lifestyle change in your weekends and my nutriton plan.


Catch you all very soon and have a GREAT WEEK…


p.s. the photos i used in this post are from my iphone. The last one was a surprise to me yesterday when i got a call from a lovely lady wanting to join my bootcamp. I asked where she heard of us and she said the “Express & Star” newpapers. Thats news to me!! I had no idea about the article but a massive thanks to whoever wanted to spread the word. We’re getting BIG! ;-D

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