Walsall Personal Trainer Weight Watching in America
9th December 2010
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Hey, Wilson here,

I hope you are having an awesome day and seeing the success you deserve from your fitness programme.

I have just recently got back from short visit to Las Vegas. My first visit to the states and I have to be totally honest with you right now. You are doing pretty awesome when it comes to staying in shape. Well, compared to the yanks anyway.

I had to get my camera out to take a few shots just to show you how bad it's got over there and the sickening truth is, we aren't that far behind it all...

In fact a recent survey has proven that the UK's population of school children are rapidly increasing in obesity cases 10x faster than the Americans. So, we're catching up.

It's down to the FOOD that is being consumed.

More precisely, OVEREATING...

You see, during my week over in the states I felt bloated, fat and sluggish from the food they had to offer. Of course, it is never easy to eat out especially when you don't know where to eat, and the majority of food I was eating was greasy, oversized portions of food loaded with heaps of carbs and not a salad in site. haaha. I had about one salad while of was there and my body for crying out for it.

Ok, so I have prepared for you a full review of America's fat nation and my week in the US, including pictures and an action plan you can use to effortlessly quit the binge eating that is holding you back from success.

Read it here at http://trainwithwilson.com/index.php/2010/12/walsall-weight-loss-expert-visits-americas-fat-nation/

Committed to your fitness success,


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