Walsall Breast Cancer Support Group - can you help?
19th November 2015
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A diagnosis of Breast Cancer is devastating news. However help is at hand.

In Walsall there is a hands-on partnership to help patients and their families to cope with the news.

Volunteers of the support group who have had Breast Cancer visit patients after their surgery to offer support and encouragement.

The group regularly holds meetings in the Mayfair lounge at Bescot Stadium usually twice, on the first and third Wednesday every month. These provide the ladies the opportunity to talk to other patients past and present.

However, fundraising is essential to the existence of the support group, as the support and assistance it gives is financed by their wonderful supporters!

Without the help of the local community the group will struggle to carry on their amazing work!

Can you help Walsall Breast Cancer Support Group?

No matter how small a gesture it would be much appreciated.

If you would like to help please contact:

bob.plimmer@btopenworld or 07976 303412 

For more information or fundraising


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