Walsall Award Winning Poet To Appear At Shrewsbury Literature Festival
23rd November 2021
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Gerald Kells is certainly hitting high with his poetry over the next couple of weeks. ON Thursday he’s featuring at the Cafe Grande slam in Dudley having won the slam last month.

Then on Sunday he’s at the Shrewsbury Literary Festival for a lunchtime gig after winning their 2020 slam along with Colin Wells, the 2019 winner, and Jean Atkins.

Poetry Cafe & Open Mic - Jean Atkin, Colin Wells, 2019 Slam Winner & Gerald Kells, 2020 Slam Winner | Shrewsbury Festival of Literature (shrewsburylitfest.co.uk)

But that’s not all he’ll be competing in the Oooh Beehive On-line Grand Finale slam in December having narrowly lost one of the heats by one point to get a runner-up place

And there’s so much poetry that’s come out of a year in lockdown. Not only has he set up a YouTube Channel he has poems on Soundcloud as well.

Gerald Kells - YouTube

Sometimes funny, sometimes deadly serious, sometimes contemplating and uplifting. Check out his work, subscribe to his YouTube or purchase a copy of his first collection ‘LI - 51 poems’ from Amazon or Lulu or at one of his gigs.

He’s certainly getting noticed and he’s already planning a second book.

The sooner the better.

Gerald Kells, 22 Nov 2021          

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