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24th September 2021
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Hey Folk, hope all is well, and if not, I hope all becomes well. On the 16th of September 2021 I published my third collection of poetry, Oculus Open. This book includes all my poetry plus Haiku. The chapters of the book lead down a path of change, from my life’s beginning to the military and beyond. These books and poems are a chat on life and mental health, and how I chose to deal with it and bring some balance.

My first two collections were released under the pseudonym Ellis Unchained and this final collection has been published under my real name. I’ve decided to do this because of change, things have changed positively for me mentally over the last 3 years. From pre army, to post army and to present I’ve had to change so much to continue healing. It’s been hard, I had to learn every day and remind myself that we should not be scared of change and to keep learning, especially in living.

My goal for this final collection is that it can help someone, as much as it’s helped me. You can find it on amazon if you would like a read. (Buy it, steal it, and share around, Amazon make enough skrilla)


Ellis X

Poem of the day:

Recycling Champions

The child with no food always shares.
Smiles around people with good intentions.
Releasing karma through suffering while surviving.

The man with no legs walks many roads,
With clarity, clear perspective, vigor, and hope.
The man with all four limbs drags himself down only one.

The abused remain strong, strengthening with each day,
Awesome outlook of life, while the comfortable melt,
Over the material world.

Trauma Victims will hide, eventually they break through,
blackened blankets to shine through, their light illuminates the world.
Suffering ignites fires, strengthening the soul.

Be thoughtful, be mindful, be thankful for those living the opposite life.
So majorities can be at ease, and the universe will not stand still.
True compassion will lead us all through.

When you think the world is against you,

Think of all above.

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