Virtual reality is opening up new experiences for patients at St Giles Hospice
30th July 2022
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Janet, age 71, is currently living with endometrial cancer and is a patient at St Giles
Hospice. The virtual reality (VR) film, which is watched through virtual reality
goggles, took her to the beach where she witnessed sun, sand and serenity.

Janet said: “The headset is absolutely brilliant. I’ve never experienced anything quite
like it in my life – I was totally lost in the moment. Whilst engaged in the experiences
of the headset, my pain was a distant memory – it was so soothing.”

Other experiences available through the headset include cities of the world, space,
and wildlife, as well as a specific film personally narrated by Sir David Attenborough.
The St Giles Occupational Therapy Team has been delivering the VR experience to
patients. As well as assisting with mobility issues, the team are there to help patients
take part in things they enjoy and which could help as a distraction from their

Beth Robinson, Occupational Therapist at St Giles Hospice, “Our focus at St Giles is
to optimise the patient’s quality of life and wellbeing through engagement in activities
that are meaningful to them. The use of the VR headsets helps our patients to immerse themselves into a calming space. This distraction related activity enables our patients to escape the realities of their present situation and offers a form of relaxation. It’s lovely to see the benefits the VR headsets offer to our patients- they appear calm and relaxed.”

Janet’s daughter Hazel, who lives in London, said: “It was brilliant to see mum
immersed in all these different experiences. Whilst mum was watching them, her
face was so animated. When she took off the headset, she looked so calm – it was
quite emotional for us both.”

Hazel said the virtual reality experience was just one small element of St Giles
Hospice’s care which had made such a big difference to her family.

Hazel continued: “St Giles is a very calm and caring environment. There are such
beautiful grounds around the hospice which mum has admired and enjoyed. The
staff truly go above and beyond to make sure mum and the rest of our family and
friends have everything we could need – everyone has just been wonderful.”
Find out more about St Giles Hospice here.


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