Vending machines remain a safe entity for the provision of food and drink.
1st June 2020
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As the UK government relaxes the lockdown procedures in an effort to encourage certain businesses back to the workplace, Coinadrink Limited is doing all we can to make sure our customers feel safe when using their vending machine at work.

We are liaising closely with The Automatic Vending Association, or AVA, to help deliver a safe working environment for our customers and on our own premises. The AVA is our trade body, and we are following their guidelines in addition to our own stringent hygiene practices. 

This makes customers feel safe when using their vending machine, as they always have done.

Vending is safe!

A short, perhaps blunt headline, but one that simply answers the question on lots of people’s minds. 

Vending is a safe entity to provide food and drink to your workforce and customers. It is a simple and easy to control food delivery system where the product has been hygienically and minimally handled. This is also the case with hot drinks machines and coffee machines. 

If staff are heading back to work, they face no more risk using a vending machine than they would opening doors, using toilets and other common facilities.  

And Coinadrink Limited already goes above and beyond when it comes to hygiene practices across our equipment and services. You can read more about our policies here.

Be prepared for a return to the workplace.

There is a good chance that your vending machine or coffee machine has remained unused for a number of weeks or months. We have recently distributed emails to our customers detailing how to correctly clean and sanitise your hot drinks machine or water cooler. 

This is not a case of just simply turning it back on before reusing as normal, so it is very important you follow these steps closely. Contact our team on 0800 626 191 if you require additional information.

Social distancing will remain in place when you head back to the workplace. We are helping to encourage this by providing a free social distancing pack to our customers depending on the equipment they have. If you require additional packs, you can purchase these on our online store for a small fee.

General Hygiene

As well as social distancing, together with the AVA we are doing all we can to protect our staff and visitors when they are together on the Coinadrink premises. 

The use of PPE such as disposable gloves are welcomed, though not forced. Disposable gloves offer a reassuring layer of protection if used correctly, so we are reminding both staff and visitors to wash their hands beforehand as so not to contaminate the outside of the gloves. When removed, these should also be disposed of appropriately.

Our operators are reminded to also follow the guidelines bespoke to the customer when on their site. We are placing hand sanitiser in company vehicles for added peace of mind.

Company employees

Staff are politely asked not to come into work if they are ill. We are working to establish who has previously been ill, potentially with the virus, and doing all we can to limit the risk to our entire workforce. 

The NHS have advised we must wash our hands for the appropriate amount of time. This is being encouraged on the premises. 

Our operators also understand they must wash their hands prior to working on customers equipment. We are making allowances to ensure they have the time and facilities to wash their hands properly.

Striving to deliver peace of mind!

Working collaboratively with the AVA, we are making sure our staff and customers are staying safe when using a vending machine in the workplace. 

Vending has always been a safe way to provide quality workplace refreshments on site. With the added precautions put in place, Coinadrink Limited customers can reuse their equipment with complete peace of mind. 

If you have any questions about the use of your vending machine as you head back on site, please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our team on 0800 626 191. 

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