Top Security Tips For Van Users
27th July 2015
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Vans are vital to their owners and extremely valuable, not just the vehicle itself but what it carries as well results in them being regular targets for theft.

So how do you make sure your van is secure and not adding to the almost 50,000 vans being stolen each year?

Lock Your Van

I know it goes without saying but you really should double check if you have locked your vehicle, mainly because this can have a major effect on your insurance pay out if the worst does happen and your van is stolen. As your insurance company may not pay out at all and you risk paying the bill yourself or losing your job if it belongs to the company you work for.

 Latest Security Technology

There are a number of products or modifications you can add to your van to increase its security. The most common is the installation of double locks or a deadlock system which gives the owner the ability to immobilize the internal handles by pressing the lock button on their keys twice.

Also Electronic GPS trackers can vastly improve the chances of recovering your van in the event of it being stolen and may even lower your insurance premiums if fitted to your van.

 Don't Leave Valuables Inside

As said before whats in your van is just as valuable to the vehicle itself so make sure to not keep valuables in your van for too long or at least hidden, especialy overnight. This can range from your tools and equipment to mobile phones or Sat Navs.

Think About Where You Park

Always park your van in a busy, well-lit area that has CCTV coverage that way thieves will be less confident and likely of breaking into your van.

Hopefully this has given you an insight into how to keep your van safe and secure.

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