Vaccinating your pet is vital
11th May 2011
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Vaccinating your pet is vital!

Every year pets of all ages are becoming seriously ill and even dying from diseases that can prevented through regular vaccination.  Here we will answer some common questions regarding vaccinations:

When should I start vaccinating my pet?

Puppies & kittens are highly susceptible to infectious diseases as the immunity passed on to them through their mother’s milk gradually wears off. It is recommended that puppies are vaccinated when they are 8 weeks old and kittens when they are 9 weeks old, but remember it is never too late to start vaccinating your pet if they are older.

How often will they need injections?

When starting your pets vaccinations they will initially need two doses of the vaccine usually 3-4 weeks apart. This primes their immune system to protect against infection. To maintain that protection they will require a “Booster” injection every year.

Are boosters really needed?

Yes! It is true that parts of the vaccination provide immunity for longer than twelve mother.  However there are parts the vaccination that ONLY last for twelve months so it is vital they have their booster.

I have an adult pet that hasn’t had a vaccination in years. What should I do?

If your pet has gone longer than 13 months without a vaccination it is recommended that they re-start the vaccination course of 2 initial injections as soon as possible. This will ensure they are fully protected.

Can Rabies and Kennel cough vaccinations be given at the same time as a  Booster?

Unfortunately most manufacturers would advise that there is a 2 week gap between vaccinations.

Can pregnant/nursing pets be vaccinated?

There is little information regarding the use of vaccinations during pregnancy or nursing, so the usual advice is to avoid any possible risks and not to administer them.

What about rabbits?

Rabbits need to be vaccinated against two fatal diseases, Mxyomatosis  and the less well known Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD). Vaccines can be started from 5weeks of age. Mxyomatosis vaccine is given every 6 months and VHD every 12 months. Both diseases are spread by biting insects, so every rabbit is at risk even those living indoors.


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