Using Design & Print to fit in with your marketing strategy
6th December 2010
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Time seems to whiz by in a flash!  I remember sitting down last Christmas to plan my marketing activities for 2010 and before I know it is already time to be looking at 2011.


As a local printer, we see a lot of companies that advertise their services without much planning.  The result is that they end up paying too much for Design, Print, Advertising and Promotional gifts.  The companies that are successful pay attention to the following tips;


1)      Consider who (target group) you want to sell your services to?

2)      Have a 3 year marketing plan.

3)      Have a detailed 1 year plan.  This should be specific with who you want to target, what time of the year?  What means of advertising are you going to use (maybe a leaflet, brochure, promotional gift, organising a networking event, placing an advert in a local magazine, etc) What budget are you putting aside for marketing and how do you see yourself monitoring it?


A marketing plan does not need to be complicated.  Put half a day away for planning and make sure you monitor the results so that you can see what works for you and what doesn’t.  There is a lot of wisdom in the saying ‘if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail!’


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