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8th September 2021
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Hello again. By the time you read this article we will have resumed our monthly meetings at the CHART Centre in Gomer St, so here is a list of speakers up until our A.G.M. on 8th.March next year.  

12th Oct '21       Penny Wheat.         The Perils of Public Speaking.  

9th Nov '21         A night at the pictures.  Old film and an Ice Cream.  

14th Dec '21        Members Xmas meal at the Toll House Restuarant.  

11th Jan '22         David Butler-Henderson.   A History of Glass Bottles.            

8th Feb '22          Keith Robinson.   A  Victorian History of Darlaston told through the people of one street.  

Now lets move on to a couple of enquiries that we have received on our e mail inquiry site.  

The first one was from Derek Broadhurst who wanted information on finding a grave plot at the old Bentley Cemetery. This was an easy one as I had located a relatives plot some years ago. I advised Derek to contact Walsall Council Cemeteries Dept who will give him a time when the site manager is present. He operates from a tin hut where the site plans and records are stored and it only took 5 minutes to locate the plot I was looking for. It was some years ago and systems change but there's your starting point.  

Our second inquiry came from Tracey van Ooffelen who is a volunteer for the Venray War Cemetery in Limburg, The Netherlands who have a wonderful 'Adopt a Grave' scheme were local people look after an allied soldiers grave, place flowers on the grave and try to compile a history of each soldier, hopefully with a photograph. Tracey is interested in a fallen soldier named Sgt. Fred Fisher from Willenhall who dead at Baarlo, the Netherlands on the 13th.March,1945. He was a stretcher bearer. If you have any information about his family that might help Tracey please get in touch with us.  

Finally, within our large collection of Yale factory photo's we still have a lot of workers who we would like to get identified. These range from the 1950's to its closure in recent years so if you worked at the Yale and can help us please get in touch.  

Our e mail help line is willenhallhistory@mail.com or telephone me on 01902 843006.   Bye for now, Bob.

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