Top Walsall Personal Trainer With How To Drop a Clothes Size This Month
5th September 2010
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Walsall Trainer on mindset for Fat Loss, Goals, and achieving more…

You either will or you won’t.

90% of you reading this today WON’T!


▪ You don’t won’t to exercise today
▪ You don’t won’t to eat raw fruit and veg
▪ You won’t drink 3-4 litres of bottled water a day
▪ You won’t cut out processed crappy foods
▪ You will give in to a cheeky bite to eat
▪ You will guzzle down pints of beer
▪ You fail to listen to advice
▪ You fail to take action

The truth is, if you want it bad enough you will get it!

Take one of my bootcampers Shazy T. 3 weeks into her fat loss program and she has seen the pounds drop, her clothes making room and her health zoooom! A great thing as her trainer that I have also seen is how her balance has improved something that Shazy T came to me and said she had difficulty in. And as her muscles have developed into a fat burning furnace her balance has greatly improved. RESULT!

And she’s doing freaking awesome, because she adheres to the plan. She gets stuck in at bootcamp, she eats the way I tell her to, she looks at the wedding dress each day that she is determined to wear!!! A-N-D most importantly, she makes NO EXCUSES!!!

Take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself,

Imagine someone held you under water. Imagine the fight you are going to put up as you try and try to free yourself.

You are going to fight aren’t you?

That fight for air, is exactly the energy I talk about when it comes to achieving your fat loss.

You’re not going to give up, you’re not going to wimp out, you’re not going to whine and moan and wish someone else could do it. HELL NO!

You are going to get out of your comfort zone and stand accountable for your actions!
You are going to pull out each and every repetition that will bring you one step closer to your result each time!!!

So the next time you find yourself lying in bed looking out of the window on a dark drizzly day telling yourself to stay in bed today and miss 7am bootcamp…

Picture yourself as being held under water and fighting to BREATHE!
and compare that to being held in bed and fighting to lose weight.

Bring that energy to each and every Bootcamp class and see you life rapidly change.

Whatever is holding you back from achieving your goals, fight for it like your fight to breathe.

And if thats not enough, watch this.

And if thats not enough. You don’t want it bad enough.

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