Top Kitchen Design Tips in Walsall
20th July 2011
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A new kitchen is one of the most rewarding gifts you can give yourself and your family. The heart of your home, your kitchen is where you nurture your loved ones' souls as well as their bodies. So you want it to be as efficient, comfortable, and just plain beautiful as possible; hopefully without breaking the bank! But where do you start? The ideas and suggestions in this blog may help you make that perfect new kitchen happen.


The type of kitchen design that can be considered the best is entirely up to the individual that will use the kitchen and the area of the house the kitchen will be built in. Whatever the style of the kitchen there are a few basic features that every kitchen must have…

Workflow is a very important, if yours is not designed to bring in efficient work it is likely that you will spend majority of the time in the kitchen in order to make a single meal. You have to make sure that appliances are easily accessible as well as the kitchen tools and equipment and the ingredients. Sinks placed between the fridge and the cooker top work well as with sufficient countertop space either side of both.

How much space can you use for your new kitchen? There are kitchen designs that are recommended for both big and small spaces. A bigger space is roomy but will require you to move around in it more but can be more practical for a larger family to use as a central feature to the home. Consider moving walls blocking doors or a window if they are preventing a truly inspirational design. With smaller spaces walls may be removed or consider a new build extension – Kitchens and Bathrooms sell houses and will always be an excellent investment both for your families leisure functionality and your wallet or bank balance.

The specification and lay-out of your kitchen is extremely important. The L-shaped kitchen is the most popular and provides the best format for kitchen work. The L-shaped design takes up less space as well. If space is not what you are looking for and you are looking for more storage space in the kitchen, then consider the C-shaped kitchen. A quality product will always pay for itself in the kitchen environment, avoid cheap cabinets and appliances and always employ a local trust worthy kitchen specialist to take the stress out of new kitchen installation. Ensure they use qualified fitters as well as electricians and offer a good value for money product and service range. In life when ever is the cheapest the best – choose your installer carefully and ask to see testimonials and completed work if possible.

Although flooring does not seem much, it is actually an important aspect in your kitchen that needs careful consideration. Tiled floors are the most common as they may be the hardest wearing but the functionality and comfort level require thought also. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen you may want to choose flooring materials that are gentler on the feet such as hardwearing vinyl or Karndean.

The final feature to consider in your kitchen design is the lighting. Lighting plays an important part in the preparation of meals because they let the cook see everything a lot clearer. If the area is too dark or too bright, it is difficult to get around that area. Such areas can cause eyesore and if you are chopping or cutting, such areas are dangerous and risky.

When choosing from kitchen designs, make sure that all the features mentioned are being considered so that you will not face any problems in your kitchen in the future. Now, all you have to do is to wait until everything is installed in the kitchen and then you get to enjoy the benefits of a good kitchen installation.

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