Top 5 hearing Care check List
28th September 2010
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Do you think you have a hearing loss?


Top 5 Hearing Care Check List


1. The first signs of hearing loss are often noticed by those around you, complaining that you have the TV turned up too loud or commenting how often you say ‘pardon’


2. Hearing is one of our most vital but neglected senses – look after it and have your ears checked at least every 2 years.


3. Avoid long exposure to loud noises. This could even include listening to car radios or CD players. TURN THE VOLUME LEVEL DOWN!! Signs of hearing damage include buzzing or ringing in the ears, or if speech is muffled after exposure to noise.


4. For activities such as DIY or gardening, remember to use ear defenders when using power tools.


5. If you have any concerns or simply wish to have your hearing checked, do not hesitate to book a free appointment with our hearing aid audiologist Wendy Hodge. Call us on 01922 645580.

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