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22nd December 2010
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Many People especially young females are putting their teeth at risk by resorting to DIY tooth whitening treatments involving baking soda, ash and household bleach warns Walsall Dentist, Yusuf Kaderbhai, based at local practice WS4 Dental Care.

We’ve seen a significant increase in websites promoting at home techniques that can cause permanent damage to teeth. The bottom line is that DIY treatments are very abrasive and can actually scratch and remove your tooth enamel, So instead of whitening, this will actually make the teeth appear browner and cause pain and sensitivity.

Using a whitening toothpaste can help lift everyday mild stains, but they won’t actually make your teeth a few shades whiter. If you would like a whiter smile, always speak to your dentist about safe tooth whitening and find the most appropriate option for your teeth and budget

Yusuf’s tips for a whiter smile

ü  Try cutting back on staining drinks such as Tea, Coffee and Red Wine

ü  Smoking darkens the teeth (as well as affecting your overall oral health) so giving up will have huge benefits

ü  A good oral hygiene routine goes a long way in keeping teeth sparkling. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day and floss regularly

ü  A sun-kissed complexion helps your teeth appear whiter, so apply a bit of fake tan or bronzer to enhance your teeth’s natural whiteness.

ü  Women should avoid orange or coral coloured lipsticks – they can make the teeth appear dull and yellow. Instead, opt for red, berry and pink shades with cool undertones to make your teeth sparkle.

ü  Avoid lip and tongue piercings – these can rub against teeth and cause unsightly wear and chips.

Those still in pursuit of a white smile will be pleased to hear that WS4 Dental Care is offering professional whitening at a special rate of £229 including a free cosmetic consultation.

For further advice and information on teeth whitening, speak to the team at WS4 Dental Care on 01922 622877.

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