Tips for reading with your child
16th October 2019
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Sharing a book with your child seems a natural thing to do but some people are not that confident, so here are a few tips to help you get the most out of it.

1. Set aside a special time, find a quiet, comfy place, away from distractions.

2. Ask your child to choose the book, this shows them that you value their opinion and they will be more likely to engage with the book.

3. Sit close together and encourage your child to turn the pages.

4. Point to the pictures and relate them to something that your child knows.Encourage them to point to characters, describe them and later describe these characters or situations.

5. Ask them to predict what will happen next and to re-tell the story, using only the pictures.

6. Encourage your child to talk about the book and about the characters in the book,what are their problems why are they acting this way? This develops you child's understanding of relationships.

7. Most importantly, make it fun and enjoyable!

As long as you both enjoy the time together, that's the most important.



It's never too early to read with your baby.

Sing them rhymes and share stories. Babies don't need to understand the words just hear and feel the rhythms. Look at pictures (as they get older) and feel the books.

Talk about the pictures as you cuddle up close.Not only will this help to develop a close loving relationship with your child but will also support their development of language rhythms and patterns. This will help them to hear sounds and see patterns in words as they grow and develop.

Above all, enjoy your story time with your family, knowing that you are helping to develop your child's future reading and language skills.


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