4th March 2016
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Time is the most important thing that you can give  yourself.

How much of yourself do you waste? Either on useless TV programmers’ or suffering at work, also the endless days of being stuck in traffic tying to get to work. The gaming industry that KEEPS you locked in so you never venture far from your gaming machine. Even social media groups that never come up with something that will really make you feel much better than you are right now…

How often do you give YOUR time to listen to endless and meaningless talk of someone you’re not interested it, but you give a nod and try to give them empathy etc. And these people are thieves stealing your time.

If you have internal battles like lots of other people, then do something towards changing your negative situation by investing in yourself.

But your TIME is what will make you feel good at the end of the day – or that you helped make a difference.

Let’s imagine the last day of your life, so by looking back and wishing you hadn’t wasted your time on mindless nothingness. You could imagine that you are begging to your God for one more extra day and he or she would say I gave you 85 years of time to enjoy. You can only imagine your regret.

My tip would be, you have a whole lifetime’s worth of adventure inside of you waiting to be explored, not just going on holiday twice a year to get a watered down version of the place you visit but to get a meaningful experience.  

You should ask yourself this if you stay on your current path of wasting your time will you have any regrets at the end?

If you require help to get over your personal negative battles and I can help, then please get in touch, please contact me or visit my website www.anxietyhypnosis.co.uk 

Helping you towards success.

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