Theres a hole in your tarmac driveways in Walsall
23rd January 2010
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Whilst we are all coming across holes in the road caused by the severe winter you might also have found that you might have a hole closer to home.

The same severe winter may well have left your own private driveway needing replacement.

Well if this is the case then I recommend you give Crete by Design in Walsall a call.

Glyn Smith who is a really nice bloke and comes highly recommended, will be happy to give you a quotation for some new driveway paving.

It has been a disastrous year for roads and driveways in general and Walsall council, after paying out for large amounts of Salt are now trying to sort out the potholes at great expense.

So when you here a clunk on your suspension make sure it doesn't happen on your own driveway.

In these days of litigation make sure it is not you who is the one being sued for a hole in your driveway by someone falling over in it!

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