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3rd February 2012
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Theft – Don’t Be Caught Out


Theft is something you need to be aware of this could happen to you.
You will find if you work on a construction site theft is a problem that arises a lot, Power Tools and Heavy Equipment are very expensive and are costing the construction industry a lot of money.
The Statistics

The estimation of stolen equipment each year is in the region of £600m and £1b; this is calculated to be a loss of £1.6m and £2.7m a day!!!
The cost of the stolen goods is often more extensive than just the initial loss of the goods.

These Include:

•    Insurance Premium Increases
•    Damage to property

If you ever experience theft never underestimate how much this can cost you, security of your valuables and property is a must.

What you can do to protect yourself?

Theft today is a strong part of crime that needs to be addressed, so you need to find ways to protect your valuables and property.


How about this?

If your protecting a property at home why not buy yourself a safe so then you can protect those valuables from being stolen or if you own a business get a security door that needs to be accessed via a code.

Here is where your in luck, their is a top quality UK based company know as THE LITTLE SAFE COMPANY who can offer you many products at fair prices such as safes, filing cabinets, security doors, security chests and many other products from top quality brands.

You can visit their website below:

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