The Plastic Migrant
23rd May 2023
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A unique part fictional play - the Plastic Migrant - is being staged at Great Wyrely High School over 3 days: 29th June, 30th June and the 1st July (Saturday) 2023 at 7.30pm. On the Saturday there will also be a matinee at 2.30pm.

This play follows Manjolo on a perilous journey, not only up the River Nile choked with plastic but also the English Channel.    

 Set in the UK and Ethiopia the story follows a young man who, after going from ‘riches to rags’, arrives illegally in the UK. He is caught and put into a detention centre in Dover. After he is harshly questioned and verbally assaulted by a female police officer he quietly and respectfully asks the officer to listen to his story, calmly explaining that his only reason for coming to the UK was to find a cure for his wife’s infertility.

 This play raises awareness of an impending Armageddon facing our world caused by natures greatest enemy – man himself. But Manjolo is no such man. His family has endured impacts of plastic pollution and climate change through generations. For him infertility and economic disasters are real.

 Not everyone chooses to see – but, as fortune smiles Manjolo does, and then goes where no man has been.…..



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