The importance of Child Safety for Blinds in Walsall
8th December 2014
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16 Children have died since 2010. Children of the ages between 16 – 36 Months are at most risk. This is when they are most active and love to investigate and climb. I know this as a parent and grandparent myself. Babies who are crawling are also at risk of getting caught in long blind cords which are floor length, and where there are blind cords within their reach. Cots or play pens positioned near to windows need to be avoided. It can take just 20 seconds for a child to die from strangulation as they struggle to get free.

We in the blind and curtain industry have for years looked at the safety of children but more so now another child has tragically been taken away.

It is of paramount importance to promote, advertise and emphasise how critical child safety measures should be in the home. All it takes to ensure child safety and complete peace of mind are simple safeguarding measures to avoid more accidents.

The New Child Safety Law EN 13120:2009+A1:2014 has come into effect this year and all blind companies are obligated to comply with the new rules for the safety of all children

When considering new blinds, look into the safety features offered with the type of blind you are interested in:-

A simple wand control Vertical Blind instead of cords, ideal in a child’s bedroom

Vertical Blinds can have the bottom weights stitched into the louvres avoiding the use of bottom link chains
Perfect fit Roller, Venetian or Pleated blinds are available with hidden cords

If you want a standard Roller Blind, make sure it has two easy break connectors fitted

A Venetian Blind should have “Easy Break” Toggles and a cord cleat to fit higher into the recess to tie cords up out of harms way

By cutting operating cords short on Venetians , Romans and corded curtain tracks and tying the ends out of reach via a cleat fitted high in the recess eliminates another hazard. This is the fastest and easiest way of making your blinds/curtains safer.

Tie all cords or chains securely onto a hook or cleat and get into the habit of using them each time you open the blind or curtains.

If you have existing blinds around the house without safety features, get in touch with your local blind and curtain supplier.

Ask for advice and types of products available for these blinds and ask your supplier "do all your blinds conform to the new child safety Laws?".

Fit them. Let’s not leave it for another child to die.
By taking simple actions by parents, carers, practitioners and persons working with children to avoid the deaths of other children.

Any Blind are proud to be supporters of the make it safe campaign and we are urging all Walsall residents to check their blinds

If you are unsure whether your blinds are safe then we can help! Simple solutions such as installing Child Safety Wands to your Blind cords will prevent your child from being vulnerable to the dangers of looped cords and chains.

Call us on 0333 121 2020 and we can offer advice and solutions for making your blinds safe

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