The brummies guide to fat loss from Walsalls NO.1 Personal Trainer
29th December 2010
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Hi there,

I have just finished writing an awesome article which will describe how your everyday Walsall girl will go about getting into shape in the new year only to find they are bombarded with everything other than what will guarantee fat loss results.

In this article you will discover:


  • why the gym hasn't got the answer, and
  • how the gym will keep charging you, regardless if you turn up or not
  • discover how the majority of personal trainers are just being paid to be your mate, to talk to as you train (makes me sick when I see this)
  • why slimming clubs will leave you feeling awful
  • and slimming pills will leave you in hospital
This is a MUST READ before you do anything in the new year!!!

I am also going to give you my "Genius guide to Fat Loss", completely free of charge so head on over to and discover how you can remove the belly fat hanging over your jeans.

My name is Paul Wilson, and I the only personal trainer in Walsall who guarantee's you will drop a dress size and be up to a stone lighter in under 28 days or double your money back! That's how confident I am! I also write frequently on my blog at the best of walsall and at where you can find weight loss and nutrition help, workout videos, recipes and more. To get more information such as meal plans, special offers to my outdoor fitness boot camp in walsall wood and my one-one personal training... be sure to send me your name and email so I can send you more information.

Committed to your fitness success,
Paul Wilson
if there is ANYTHING I can help you with, email me at


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