The Bowen Technique and Stress in Walsall
16th January 2013
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Are you the type of person who thinks too much, is anxious and affected by the stresses and strains and fast pace of life? Well join the hundreds of other people who feel the same way.

Are you now beginning to feel unwell in some way? The reason for this is probably due to the large amounts of cortisol, produced by the adrenal glands, flowing around your body. Your body has engaged the sympathetic nervous system, this is the fight or flight mechanism, which helps us to deal with stressful events.

We require small amounts of stress for us to function but unfortunately if you are constantly meeting challenges that engage this system then your cortisol levels do not subside and your body is constantly in fight or flight mode.

Having large amounts of cortisol or adrenalin in your system does not allow your body to perform as it should as our hormones can be affected along with brain function, digestion, energy levels and mood to name a few.If this imbalance continues it can lead to severe health problems if not addressed.

The Bowen Technique can be the therapy that can begin to address this imbalance. It is a gentle hands on remedial therapy that consists of rolling movements over muscles and ligaments. It can be performed through light clothing, lying down or sitting, if lying is not possible, and on ages 0 – 100. It should not be judged by its gentleness but by its effectiveness to rebalance the central nervous system by bringing about a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

This enables the parasympathetic system, the more relaxed state, to engage thereby allowing the body to function more normally.

If you are suffering health issues at the moment come and experience The Bowen Technique for yourself. Many clients only need 2-3 sessions one week apart initially and then reduce this to once a month maintenance sessions or as required.

To find out more or to book, call Walsall Mind&Body Centre on 01922 649142

“The theory is that these rolling motions trigger impulses in the brain to stimulate healing, release blocked energy and improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage”

Taken from an article written by DJ Janey Lee Grace and published in the Daily Express on the 13th October 2003. A case study on a woman in her 50’s suffering from stress showed benefits of Bowen in relation to weight loss, bladder problems and sleep deprivation. As detailed in an article by Sandra Gustofferson see

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