The biggest change to payroll since the introduction of PAYE2
3rd October 2012
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The deadline for everyone with a payroll to change to RTI is between April and October 2013

You MUST submit ALL payroll information EVERY time you process ie. Weekly / monthly or quarterly

14 separate government databases are being combined - your information must match what is held - Tom will not match with Thomas

There will be penalties for not submitting electronically! Penalties for incorrect information! Penalties for late payments!

Real Time Information, (RTI) Are you ready?

I will be blogging more as the deadline draws nearer. If you would like this e-mailed to you directly send an e-mail to

Or if you would like to discuss RTI or any other payroll queries, please call me on 01922612309


Heather Carter,

Payroll Manager

Wallace Crooke Chartered Accountants

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