The Benefits Of Owning A Home Safe
26th January 2012
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Let’s face facts. The modern day burglar is unfortunately not dumb. They know the risks taken by staying too long in a property. On average a burglar will stay within the property for no more than 12 minutes.

This is more than enough time to rummage through drawers and cupboards and find everything from your jewellery to your laptop. The cost to you can be considerable and, if important personal information is taken, far reaching. You may have a lockable filing cabinet for your confidential documents. This will be easily breached within that 12 minute window of opportunity.

A properly installed with a safe on the other hand, securely fitted to the wall and/or the floor will withstand attack for far longer than a burglar is prepared to stay in the house, no matter how big they feel the rewards could be.

At The Little Safe Company you are spoilt for choice when picking your home safe. Unlike the few retail outlets out there selling home safes, we have safes from many different brands, not just a few from a sole manufacturer. They also only stock safes up to a certain size as YOU have to carry it out of the store. At Little Safe you can choose the safe that's ideal for you and have it delivered to your home within the UK for free, no matter the size.

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