Ten reasons for preventative acupuncture in Walsall
27th September 2010
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  1. Do you wait until your car breaks down or do have it serviced regularly?
  2. Do you wait until you have raging toothache before going to the dentist?
  3. Do you wait until you cannot see before you go to the opticians?
  4. Do you wait until the winter and your central heating breaks down before you have it serviced?
  5. Do you wait until there's a power cut, then run out to buy batteries and candles?
  6. Do you wait until your windscreen shatters or do you get that chip mended?
  7. Do you wait till you have 7 kids before you decide to use contraception?
  8. Do you wait until your computer has a virus before you install protection?
  9. Do you wait until the fire before you install a smoke alarm?
  10. Do you wait till after the accident before you buy insurance?

I suspect the answer to most of these questions is or should be NO!

In which case why wait until your body breaks down before having treatment to re-balance and re-harmonise its many functions?

In both modern and ancient China, acupuncture is and always has been used for prevention as well as cure. Often at the change of season the Chinese will have treatment to prepare them, if they feel under the weather they do not wait to see what develops, they go to their practitioner before the symptoms really take hold.

Acupuncture can help with many more illnesses than people realise, but it can also help prevent illness developing, so why wait. If you feel under the weather pick up the phone and have a chat to Ade.

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