Tattoo Laser Removal
25th June 2014
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Check out the prices at other lasering centres in the UK. An example: patch test £50 (with Steve free), very minor (1-3 x 1-3cm) from £50, minor (4-8 x 4-8cm) from £90, intermediate (9-15 x 9-15cm) from £150, major (16-20 x 16-20cm) from £235. At Eerie Ink Steve charges from £15 to £30 per session, using a powerful Q-Switched ND:YAG Laser. Victoria: “I can highly recommend Ste. I'm having removal sessions with him to fade down a big tattoo on my arm that was a cover up job that didn't look right from years ago and I now want it extending into a sleeve. Results so far are fab.”

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