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30th May 2012
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Want to know a great family event for a photographer?
The Bristol Balloon Fiesta, August each year.

The enormous, colourful, creative, hot air balloons rise up into the air and are soon surrounded by bright evening sky.

The “Auto” setting of digital cameras can be fooled by the bright light can cause the balloons to look very dark or even close to being silhouettes and so loosing loads of information.

Tip 1– Exposure.
Frame your photo to exclude as much sky as possible for most summer photos, you’ll be amazed at how much brighter your subject becomes!
DSLR owners may choose to use a “creative” Auto selection to activate “Exposure Compensation” and dial in some adjustment to improve the photo and check via the Brightness Histogram.

Tip 2 – Night Time
At the Grand Night Glow events please do set your compact camera to Night Mode as this extra information will give your clever camera a chance to capture fabulous images.
DSLR owners may well have a “pre-set” and should use it BUT make a note of the camera settings chosen and then move to Manual Mode, use the settings as a starting point; experiment.

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