Stuart Williams Remembered By Walsall's Writers Circle.
22nd October 2019
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Stuart Williams made his mark on Walsall in many ways, all of them beneficial, and he did this in unassuming manner which disguised the effort it must have cost him. He trained originally as a photographer at the Wednesbury School of photography (1978 – 80) and when digital photography arrived he was able to achieve wonders with it.

            He worked in local newspaper publishing and local government at first but his main occupation was in the Local History Centre in Essex Street where he developed his comprehensive knowledge of Walsall’s past. It was from here that he wrote four books on the subject as well as many articles in local newspapers, especially the “Walsall Chronicle.” Pieces by him also appeared in “The Blackcountryman” magazine and a variety of other local publications.

            His “Bloxidge Tallygraph” always contained interesting, amusing and well-researched material. He was a good writer and ventured into fiction of various kinds. He also led local history walks, particularly in Bloxwich.

            His knowledge of a great many different subjects was astounding, including, as it did, mineralogy, astronomy, history, and, above all, computing. His output in all these fields was colossal and one wonders how he ever found time to do it all.

            He was a member of many societies in the town including Walsall Civic Society and Walsall Writers’ Circle. His presence at meetings of any of these never failed to enliven them.

            All of us who knew him and joined in with his activities are grateful to have known him.

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