Stress busting massages available at work: The Corporate Massage in Walsall
13th July 2010
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Recent studies have shown that employees are spending more time at work, working longer hours and under greater pressure to work at a more intense pace.

This has inevitably lead to greater stress levels and poorer health, producing greater absenteeism and sickness leave amongst workers, who are unable to relax and rewind.

HOWEVER, there is a solution: The Corporate or ‘Seated Chair’ Massage by K.Woodyatt Holistics.


What is a Corporate Massage?
The Corporate or ‘Seated Chair’ Massage is a short stress reducing massage, lasting approximately 15 minutes. The massage targets areas of tension in the upper body and is performed by a specially trained therapist in a portable and comfortable massage chair. There is no need to remove any items of clothing and no creams/oils are used. This means that the massage does not disrupt the working day and is ideal for a quick lunchtime break pick-me-up in the office. 

What are the advantages to my business?
Progressive businesses are increasingly providing the opportunity for employees to take the time out to relax during the business day due to its positive impact on worker productivity and performance. The Corporate Massage is an ideal way to allow employees to relax briefly, ensuring that stress levels are kept to a minimum and to increase the health, wellbeing and morale of the workforce. This leaves the employee revitalised and more able to think clearly, as well as, reducing absenteeism due to stress.

This really is a fantastic and forward thinking opportunity for your business to take care of it’s employees! 

Additionally, K. Woodyatts Holistics are currently offering a special offer of 3 hours for just £100. With each massage lasting around 15 minutes, this works out at less than £9 per person and so really is great value!

So why not book today on 01922 625029 or email (mention the Best of Walsall sent you!) and experience the benefits of the Corporate Massage for your business?

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