Stress Awareness Month 2019
21st March 2019
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This month is Stress Awareness Month, it has been held every April since 1992. During this annual thirty day period, health care professionals and health promotion experts across the country will join forces to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic.

Here is some information on our recommended business who may be able to help with stress...


Acupuncture is a very relaxing and calming treatment to the body. Many people have undergone this treatment and found it to be helpful in getting relieved from stress and anxiety.

For recommended businesses that offer acupuncture treatment, click here.

Counselling and Advice

Click here to see recommended counselling and advice businesses.


Hypnotherapy is regularly used as a treatment of stress. Using hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety is effective as it creates a state of deep relaxation.

For recommended businesses that offer hypnotherapy, click here.


Reflexology can help with reducing the effect that stress has on you by putting the body in a state of complete relaxation.

For recommended businesses that offer reflexology, click here.

Wellness and Wellbeing

For recommended wellness and wellbeing businesses, click here. 


For all other recommended healthcare services, click here.

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