Starting secondary school... a new start
31st August 2019
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  Starting secondary school    


Even for a confident child, starting secondary school can be a daunting, even frightening experience. Your child will have to change how they think about their education.They will have to learn to be more responsible for getting to lessons on time, organising homework, getting to know new people and possibly getting to school.


Tips to smooth this transition.


Be aware that it will take time for your child to settle in, be patient with them and give them some leeway at this time.

Your child may be tired, grumpy and hungry,so try to take some time to ask them howthey are getting on - try to ignore any moody or mildly rude behaviour and let them relax. Talk to your child and ask them if there is anything special that they want to discuss, then give them the time to so this.


Practice their route before the big day

Starting secondary school often means travelling further away from home,whether by public transport or simply walking with friends.

Why not practice the route with them? remind them to take the correct money or find their ID cards before they set off                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Talk to your child

Take time to let your child share their feelings with you, let them know that most of their friends will be apprehensive (even if they don’t let on!) so they are not alone.You might want to share your own first day experiences, especially if they ended positively.


Encourage your child to ‘buddy up’ with someone to walk into school with or perhaps to join new clubs or groups, in order to make friends.

Suggest that they collect books or kit ready the night before, to avoid rushing in the morning.

Try to establish routines for homework, getting up in the morning and organising time in the evening. 

Remember,transition to secondary school is about becoming dependent and self- reliant. With your support this can be an exciting step into the future for your child.

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