Starting a Business?
23rd October 2017
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You’ve had enough of working for other people.

You’ve had an idea about starting your own business.

But what do you need to do?

Yes, starting a business of your own is exciting (and also daunting), so here are a few areas you need to cover;

  • Plan – What is your market and how are you going to get to it?, How much are you going to charge?, What does your Profit & Loss look like? Where is your cash coming from?
  • Decide on your business structure - Is self-employment or a Limited Company the best way to go and what do I do to set these up?
  • Set up a business bank account. And shop around for an account that suits you and your pocket.
  • Keep records. Or get someone like a bookkeeper or accountant to do it for you.
  • Do I need specific accreditations and/or insurances?

It’s not an exhaustive list and you’ll need help.

For a free chat, contact me on any of the ways below and I’ll give you that help.

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