Spring cleaning time
20th March 2017
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So it’s here again, that time of the years when it’s time to clean the house from top to bottom, The Carpets also need a clean, get rid of all that walked in winter filth, the salt  and sand from gritters who have helped clear the road, the mud and dirt picked up from wet pavements.

To be sure all our carpet cleaning here at Carpet Doctor includes a sanitizer, to make it simple our carpet cleaning kills all the bacteria in the carpet, it will even kill nova virus as its used in hospitals across the uk!

Anyway to help you out we are offering a special deal this spring, just ask for a free deodorizer with every carpet we clean!

We will add this free of charge and also ask for our extra value add a room service, this means you can have another room cleaned while we are there for an extra £25, saving you money

Oh and to make things easy we also except card payments! so for a free quote call 01902 657393

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