Spoke in the Lamp - 29th November 2023
5th November 2023
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The Wind and the Rain - have been all too prevalent of late, bringing to mind the folk song of that title (also known as The Twa Sisters). You know the one? Where the elder drowns the younger sister whose body is later washed ashore and a musician fashions a harp from her bones, which starts to sing, magically, through the wind and the rain, of her murder. No? Perhaps it’s better suited to last month’s Halloween tales.

At any rate, this month’s headline guest is our own Gerald Kells, one of the outstanding poets among our select regular performers. Bring your own writings if you’ve a mind to regale us. Or simply sit and imbibe the delectations of the evening… and some free tea/coffee or something from the bar... and don’t forget the excellent raffle prizes. It’s our last event before 2024 deigns to delight us !!

Please email or Facebook-message for a spoken word slot, to spoke@albarz.uk to help us be impressed with how organised we can be.

THEME: (if you need a theme) Magic 

HEADLINER: Gerald Kells

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