So what is a Toastmaster in Walsall?
24th January 2012
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A professional Toastmaster ensures the smooth running of any event or function.

He/she acts as a host, welcoming everybody...a master of ceremony (announcing anything that needs to be announced; such as speeches etc) adviser on etiquette and protocol; if needed...a front-of-house co-ordinator (ensuring timings are being monitored) so food isn't spoiled and functions do not run on and on and on...a diplomat, to smooth over any tensions that might arise (particularly within families during weddings)!

A good Toastmaster will plan for all functions. He/she will politely ask you a series of questions, (normally a couple of months in advance); to ensure your function or wedding is a great success and runs smoothly. By planning ahead and being professional, yet friendly and attentive on the day; you will be comfortable in the knowledge that you can relax and enjoy yourself.

The cost?...well a Toastmaster’s fee is normally the smallest cost you will have, yet he/she will pull everything together, so they are worth every single penny.

Contact Colin now for further information and advice for your event or wedding.

Call 07980 014545 or click here to view his website.


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