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23rd August 2011
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Author: Jenny Bedward, Mary Kay Cosmetics.


There are five essential steps for good skin care:-

Cleanse, exfoliate, freshen, moisturise and protect.

As part of your daily skin care programme, the five steps work together to reinforce the benefits of one another. They work with your skin to keep it looking healthy and vibrant!

Considering what your skin is up against on a day to day basis, the five basic steps make perfect sense and beautiful skin!

Mary Kay has four daily skin care product lines that include these essential steps – TimeWise, Classic Basic, Velocity and Acne System. And with these daily skin care options you can customise sets for all your customers at every age, with any
skin type.

But first let’s talk about some skin facts. Did you know that skin:-
 Is the largest organ of the body?
 Helps maintain body temperature?
 Protects the body from environmental damage, foreign substances and harmful bacteria?
 Helps prevent water loss from the body?
 Heals most of its own wounds?

The top layer of the skin is called the EPIDERMIS:-
This is the outermost layer that constantly regenerates itself to form a protective barrier.  It contains pigment producing cells that give skin its colour and contributes to even, or uneven skin tone.

The top level of cells are dead skin cells and underneath are living cells that push their way up to the surface, then die and flake off.

The inner layer of the skin is called the DERMIS:-
This is the layer of skin beneath the epidermis. It is composed of collagen and elastin tissues that, Give skin its firmness and elasticity. And supports and protects blood vessels, nerves, sweat glands, hair follicles and sebaceous (oil) glands.

For a free, no obligation skin care consultation, please call Jenny on 07903 901366.

Or why not book a FREE Mary Kay skin care and make up party?  All parties are FREE and should you love the products and would like to purchase, Jenny from Mary Kay Walsall will give you a 15% discount.  This offer is on until 30th September 2011 only and not in conjunction with any other offers.

So go on, get the beautiful skin you have always dreamt of!

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