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16th November 2012
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With Walsall’s award winning estate agent Goodchilds reporting an increase in house sale activity month on month and the press starting to print that confidence is returning in the property market could your house be sold by Christmas?

Dispel the myths and expose your under performing estate agent!

It’s a tired excuse; your property isn’t selling because we are in a recession! Lets think back, when did the recession start? And how many months or even years do I want to wait until my house sells? Finally, why are other people’s houses in Walsall selling, didn’t the recession happen in their street?

If you are committed to moving whether on the market now or thinking of going on the market, and if you want to be sold by Christmas then here are some top tips.

As with everything in life, set a date. If my house isn’t sold by ‘?’ then switch agents or don’t move.  Property is selling so why isn’t yours?  We find that many people don’t swap agents, believing all estate agents are the same. Then, find an agent who will commit to a date or there will be a penalty for them not just you.

Presentation: it’s obvious and you’ve heard it a thousand times, but curb appeal matters. Look at other properties in your area, look at your neighbours’ houses, look at other properties in the same price range. You may not see the loose guttering, the doors and windows that need painting or the unloved garden; after all, it’s been there years, why would you notice? You’re busy, you walk over the toys, don’t smell the lovable dog and the decorating isn’t that bad.  What does your house really look like? Have you ever fallen in love with a house when you walked around, and said to your partner “We must buy that house because the decorating is not that bad.”!

Price: is it priced correctly? The sales market is active and properties are selling. However, Rightmove reports that 62% of buyers will not view a property they feel is over priced. Some unscrupulous agents can be accused of quoting high property values to sign you into long 16 week + agreements. Have they really offered you the professional service you deserve? Your current agent may have said “Well if we start here we can always take offers.”. Well, with rightmove reporting that 6 in 10 people won’t even view, that will reduce your chances of receiving an offer by 40%!. Choose an agent who will work with you to achieve the maximum price for your property. Market at the right price and use their skills and experience to fight to get you that price. If you started too high with your current agent to receive an offer, it may be time to move agents. Their entire database has already seen your property after months with them, what will their applicants think when they see it reduced with the same agent? Also, it may not need reducing, they may just be a poor agent, and it is always worth getting a second opinion.

Advertising: the minimum requirements you should expect are newspaper advertising in colour and not only your local paper but the neighbouring papers to your area as well; people move from Walsall to Wolverhampton etc.. Also, dvertising on, the countries’ leading property website. And, of course, advertising on their own company website, advertising on their mobile app; it is reported now that over 50% of online property viewing is  done on a mobile device. Also, what branch network do they have, do they have branches in areas that could feed them potential purchasers for your property?

Make somebody accountable: don’t deal with a faceless company; who is your personal sales negotiator? What is their personal email address, direct dial in the office, personal mobile number and do they know absolutely everything about your property to sell it effectively?  Do they call you every single week with feedback?

There are reasons why some estate agents are awarded Sunday Times’ Gold for best Estate Agent in the Midlands and others are not.

Call tour local office for a FREE no obligation market appraisal. Our experienced valuer will review your price with comparable market evidence, build a personal marketing plan to include traditional methods of advertising (such as Express & Star and Chronicle) and also review your online marketing approach. You will be given a personal sales negotiator who will contact you every 7 days with an update on your property’s performance. You will also be given the group director’s mobile number should you not be happy with their service or they do not deliver on the Goodchilds promise.

There are also many other factors which will affect the possibility of your house being sold by Christmas that your Goodchilds valuer will discuss with you on your free market appraisal.

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