Securing Your Belongings
16th September 2014
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We have also had instances where the customer "wants to think about it"after a quotation and then has the work done once they have been broken in to or had a incident.

Our advise to you is to never take protecting your valuables too lightly
Here are some FREE TIPS to help protect you:-

Always lock Doors, Garden Gates , Shed ,ETC

Locking a shed may sound a waste of time to people (Especially sheds with nothing in them) But by doing this little thing you are more likely to deter burglars from entering your property in the first instance. An unsecure shed is an open invitation for an opportunist to push his luck further by entering your property.

If you have doors that double lock. Then double lock them.

The deadbolts on a double lock door usually protects along the entire leading edge, thus making it a lot harder to break through.

If you are going out for the evening then close curtains:-

Leave a couple of lights on

Put on the TV or radio.

Things that will put DOUBT in an oppotunists mind.

If you have a intruder alarm then please use it.

You may have paid alot of money for your alarm, by being scared to use it, you could pay again!!

Get your system checked annually. If the reason your not using the alarm is down to it not working properly then whats the point having it?

Test your system yourself (We recommend once a month)

Walk test ALL sensors. Set your alarm and then walk into a protected room to test your alarm goes off.

We are always available for free advise if your not sure.

Fit a few dummy cameras on the outside of your house.

These will only cost a few pounds but can be very effective.

If you would rather go further then have some cameras fitted by a professional company.

Camera systems can be quite expensive so getting it right is essential, having a system that will not live up to your expectations once called upon can be just has infuriating as the act that you were hoping to record.

Make sure the company informs you of the pros and cons of the equipment that you are having and lists All the specifications of it on a Design Proposal.

With these tips in mind good luck with your protection.

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