Season affective disorder (SAD) and Tanning at Costa Del Sol in Walsall
30th October 2014
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While it's getting colder each day and with autumn/winter season in place we are all subject to mood changes! This was actually explained by scientists who refer to those as SAD (Season affective disorder), also called the ''winter blues''. Some people might experience mood swings along with the change of seasons.

Do you sleep too much? Do you have little energy? Are you feeling depressed?
If you can say YES to the above, it might be likely that SAD got to you too!

Luckily for us, tanning is a good way to fight against SAD. A session at our cosy salon will give you a summer boost and the energy to defeat winter! Be happy!

Visit us at Costa Del Sol Tanning Walsall today for the great tanning experience. Choose from 4 sunbeds; 2 horizontal, vertical or vertical with a vibro plate, a range of tanning lotions, tanshots and single minutes or courses

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