Scrap Car Collection in Walsall - Do you have a Scrap Car cluttering your Drive or Garage area?
31st August 2011
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If you have a Scrap Vehicle cluttering your drive or Garage space and the Wife has been nagging for years to clear the area we may have the solution to all your problems!

We can de - clutter your drive by removing the offending object and line your pocket with enough cash to buy her a nice meal with some left over change for a bunch of Flowers!

Crane assisted service for basket cases or vehicles with Wheels removed - All Walsall areas covered.

We also contract to Letting Agencies, Estate Agents & Solicitors to remove  unwanted vehicles left at properties by previous tenants - owners etc.

For more information contact A.S. Mondeos Of Wednesbury on 07956 427603.

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From West Bromwich, worked for many years at Guest Motors, West Bromwich ( Ford ) before starting myself when the Ford franchise ceased at Guests in 1999.
I am married to Tracey and live in Wednesbury.

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