Saving lives in Walsall
9th December 2010
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Saving lives in Walsall!

Are you aware that CPR guidelines changed in October? Would you know what to do in an emergency situation? A formal course is the best way to keep updated but here is a basic guide to help you save someones life:

·         Always check for Danger to you before attempting to help others

·         Is your casualty Responsive? If not shout for help!

·         Open the casualties Airway by tilting the head back and supporting the chin

·         Check for Breathing – if the casualty is breathing normally place them in the recovery position and dial 999/112 for help

·         If the casualty is not breathing normally then commence CPR

Adult CPR

·         Ensure the emergency services are alerted immediately

·         Place the heel of your hand in the centre of the chest and commence a set of 30 compressions, 5-6cm deep at a rate of 100-120per minute

·         If you are willing and able, give two rescue breaths and then return to compressions continuing this ratio of 30:2 until the emergency services arrive, you need to swap with another rescuer or the casualty displays signs of significant improvement and you have established that they are breathing normally

·         If you are unwilling or unable to give rescue breaths continue resuscitation with continuous compressions

Remember DRAB - Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing!

Author: First Response (First Aid) Ltd


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