Save our Skin! Facials in Walsall - What does your skin say about you?
7th November 2014
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Many factors impact the skin, it reacts to our emotions, so when we are under-stress our skin becomes tight and taunt and when we feel tired or drained dark-circles begin to appear.Our internal chemistry effects its natural balance, hormone irregularities lead to an excessive oily skin, and toxins building in the body cause a yellowing complextion.

Skin it acts like a barrier to outside environment and so constantly is exposed to the pollutants in the air. They settle on the surface, blocking pores and trapping debris that cause blackheads and pustules.

Harmful of UV ray cause ‘free radicals’ which damage the internal structure of cells. Sun damage accelerates the skin ageing process seen by the development of fine lines and wrinkles and inevitably with age cell regeneration begins to slow and loses its natural elasticity and tone.  

Although we cannot prevent these processes indefinitely the good news is we can take action to delay and diminish their effects.

 What can I do?

To effectively achieve a healthy skin a number of measures can be taken and it’s never too start a good skin care regime. Ensuring that the skin is cleansed and moisturised daily, and exfoliated twice a week are the foundations of a good routine. Sun protection should be worn in the day to protect against u.v damage and help to prevent moisture loss. Supported by a regular deep cleansing treatments and massage skin tone and texture can be improved dramatically, thus it is recommended that you have facial treatments at least twice per month.

What is a Facial Treatment?

Facial treatments are the cornerstone of good skin care regime. They are deep cleansing, exfoliating and massage services to help renew the skin, improve the circulation and promote toxins drainage from the underlying tissues. Combined with the use of essential oils in a therapeutic aromatherapy treatments the effects are enhanced. For centuries aromatic oils have been used to promote relaxation, relieve pain, and balance the body internal systems and have been recognised for the benefits they have on the skin.

What can I expect from an Aromatherapy Facial treatment?

 The beauty of an aromatherapy facial treatment is that not only does it treats the skin we see but also the treats the skin we don’t so your skin will be accessed to identify your its specific needs. Appropriate oils can be then be selected and used to create a your individual  face oil.

Your skin is then cleaned using deep cleansers enriched with fragrant oils to help you relax into the treatment and then toned with cooling rose water. Natural exfoliates infused with citrus oils will then be applied to remove congestions and brighten a dull complexion and then your pores will be refined and toned with a cooling rose water tonic.

Your unique face oil will be massaged into your skin, boosting the circulation and maximise its absorption so they can begin to take effect.

Dry, damaged cells are restored with gentle blends Lavandar and Sandalwood, and redness calmed with cooling Chamomile extracts. Balancing oils such as Geranium are combined to regulate hormone instabilities that cause problematic skin and acne. Regenerating treatments with active oils such as Frankincense can be applied to encourage cell renewal, strengthen the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Whatever your skins need there is an essential oil that will be beneficial to use.  

During the massage specialist techniques are used that stimulate facial nodes to encourage the removal of toxins to reducing puffiness. The movements support a lifting toning effect on facial muscles and encourage circulation of fresh oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells.

A complementary aromatherapy mask will then be applied to deeply moisturise and soften the skin while you soothe away stress and tension with a gentle scalp massage.

When your treatment is complete you will notice immediate improvements and the results are not only skin deep. The oils will continue to restore a balance within the body so you can leave with your skin smelling of success.

Author: Alex Simon Aromatherapy Specialist at Walsall Mind and Body Centre. To talk to Alex or book an appoint,ent please ring 01922 649142

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