Sarah's Blog - week 2 on my fitness journey at The Village Hotel in Walsall
2nd September 2010
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I am pleased to report that I am still attending (and enjoying!) my new fitness regime at The Village Hotel Leisure Club.

This is a real first for me as I am not a big exercise lover so I am pleased with my commitment so far!  My aim is to encourage the people of Walsall to join me and get fit together. With only a few months till Christmas, wouldn’t it be lovely to be a dress size or two smaller? There is time if you take action now!

This week I decided to focus on toning using the weights and finishing off on the Power Plate (I know it as the fat wobbler!).

The Village has a wide range of weights and I love the fact that each piece of equipment shows the areas of the body that it targets. This week I completed the following:

(please note: I am no expert so if you are trying these out please seek out the help of a trained member of staff!)

Weights for Arms:
- PULL DOWN: Like the name of this equipment, you pull down on a weight, that helps work on your biceps and back
- CHEST INCLINE: This helps with upper pecs and triceps
- ARM EXTENSION: Works the triceps

Weight for Legs:
- LEG PRESS: this is a great piece of equipment that works all parts of your legs including quads and hamstring
- LEG CURL: Designed to work your hamstring
- ABDUCTOR: There are 2 of these, one where you push out with your thighs and the other where you push in with your thighs.

Weights for Abdomen:
- ABDOMINAL CRUNCH: This looks almost like a ride at Alton Towers, you pull a harness over you head and crunch those abs! Probably my favourite piece of equipment. Completed 3 sets of 50 of these.

There are many other pieces I am yet to try so will be updating you in due course. There are also the free weights that are available to use. I was roughly doing 10-15kg on each section of weights and will be interested to see if I can build on this over time.

I certainly felt the burn after my session but I have noticed today that my clothes are feeling looser and bingo wings slowly disappearing ...

Next time I hope to update you all on some of the fitness classes, one lady I spoke to said she had lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks just by attending the Spin Class. It sounds pretty intensive but then I suppose if you want results, you have to work at it!

To read about my previous progress click here.

Please feel free to share your own fitness hints and tips here!



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